Actors, Educators, Directors, Writers, Speakers, Producers

Providing an accurate in depth view of the African American experience thru
The Performing Arts

Fran Von

Their desire is to create an accurate and in depth view of the African American experience through the performing arts.

WPI is truly a family collaborative. All members of the family are Educators and Professional Performers who have been involved in the world theatre scene for many years. Their collective experiences have placed them on tv, film, and stage. During the past five years, they have appeared before more than 150,000 children and adults. Their shows have been booked for theaters, universities, colleges, schools, churches, prisons, special events, fundraisers, conventions, banquets and more.

Please contact us at: E-mail / 269-342-7301/ P.O. Box 3253, Kalamazoo, MI 49003